Man & Cam Media is a team of diverse individuals with experiences
that stretch across a broad range of creative fields. These experiences
give us unique perspectives on the development of creative concepts and
beautiful video! Our film and music production services range from
corporate promotional videos to feature films.


Lots of creativity, with a little bit of crazy!

Tarek Mustapha

Production Manager/ Director

Architecturally trained, Tarek brings the worlds of photography, film, and design together with a unique approach to aesthetic and creative problem solving. From writing for billboard artists to commanding large sets, Tarek is experienced in keeping the whole crew happy and determined on set to bring the concept to life. When not obsessing over tiny details in photoshop, he can be found playing piano or talking $h!t to Amr.

Amr Kassem

Director Of Photography

AK the DP has been behind the camera for as long as he can remember. I guess you could say being obsessed with the latest tech and always itching to try new and innovative methodologies make him a great D.O.P, but what really sets him apart is his ability to apply his wild ideas with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If not behind the camera, you can find Amr automating his crypto-currency trades and making fire hip-hop beats.

Kenneth Averion

Owner, Lead Designer

Kung Fu Kenny is a Designer and Visual Artist. He preaches that communication is key and that work should not only be presented elegantly but also have meaningful context. Since the age of three, he’s had the eyes of a battle hardened gamer. Ever since then, he’s been critiquing and creating visuals in every aesthetic medium. When not building his font library, Kenny can be found shuffling at your local rave or breaking his board at the skate park.

Billy Hopper

Marketing Manager

Billy the builder. Always a man with a plan. Not only is he an analytics guru, but his ability to take market research and develop sales funnels, click funnels, and over-all market strategies is what really sets him apart. Billy provides the necessary insight to ensure that any content created by Man & Cam serves a valid purpose and generates results! When not building keyword lists, Billy can be found sweating over a project car or building custom furniture.


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